Engraved Buckles

Engraving is one of the oldest art forms, artisans using it as much for ornamentation as for record keeping. Until the middle of the 20 century it was such a common and well perceived skill, trade and art that you could find an Engraver in almost any community. Engraving for record keeping and even on keepsakes has almost died out and the skill and artistry of hand engraving is getting rare.

To engrave precious metals, like our Buckles, a specially shaped and sharpened knife is pushed over the surface of the metal and a sliver of metal is cut away. The Buckle gets laid out with a few well spaced scratches and staying within the guiding scratches the artisan cuts in the design with no more help than a picture or a precut sample.

We recently lost our Engraver after working with them for decades. Luckily we have established a relationship with a new Engraver enabling us to offer a new Engraved Buckle line. I only mention this to explain why we have some Engraved Buckles on SALE. We still have some stock of Engraved Buckles from our previous Engraver and the new and old engraving is not exactly the same. As a consequence the older stock cannot easily be matched and extra Tips or replacements will be harder to obtain hence our decision to put them on SALE.

Our new Engraved Buckle Sets are a little more pronounced while staying with our traditional designs and they are available in your preferred combination of either a 4pc., 3pc., or 2 pc. set or even just a single Buckle as a Special Order. We stock the full sets but any smaller combination has to be produced and will require an average of 4 weeks time.