Solid Sterling Silver Buckles in a Large Variety of Designs since 1992

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Specializing in precious metal Belt Buckles, we offer a wide selection of Sterling Silver Buckles from simple Silver Buckles; making their statement by design alone, to intricately Engraved Buckles, and Buckles with Gold Overlays. We also offer Buckles with Stones, Inlays, Cabochons, and facetted Stones, from Turquoise to black Diamonds. We make 4 piece Buckle Sets and single Buckles and we will sell you, with few exceptions, our 4 piece Buckle Sets with your choice of 3 pieces or 2 or just the Buckle alone, any way you like it.

We offer the complete line of “HORST SCHRADER BUCKLES”, most of it exclusively. We take great pride in our product and consider our buckles heirloom quality. We stand behind our materials and craftsmanship and will repair any of our products, (provided the failure was not caused by mistreatment), for as long as you own it or even your children if you choose to pass your Buckle(s) on down.

No Buckle, no matter how beautiful, can be worn without a belt. This is why we offer a line of belts, handcrafted from genuine skins by CHACON BELTS located less than 100 miles from Santa Fe Buckle Company. The belts you’ll find pictured here are all kept in stock. Other sizes, colors and skins are available by special order. Just Contact Us for pricing and options.

Having spent 30-years crafting fine quality Sterling Silver Belt Buckles we've learned a lot about building buckles and business integrity. We invite you to shop with complete confidence knowing our craftsmanship, quality materials and your satisfaction are always guaranteed.
*If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it to us within 14 days for a full refund provided the products are unused and in new condition.

Horst Schrader

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