Buckles with Stone

To nobody’s surprise our most popular Stone is Turquoise and of the many colors of Turquoise, for us, the highest demand is for blue-green Turquoise with lots of golden to dark brown matrix. We source our rough Turquoise from Kingman AZ, handpick the stones, cut them into slabs, custom cut them into the Inlay and finally cutting the Stone to the Silver and polishing it to a high shine. With this kind of Turquoise no 2 Stones are alike, even if they come from the same slab, and Sets have to be carefully matched. For that reason extra Tips or other replacements can only be matched with all other pieces of the Set present.

Fossilized Jasper, to my surprise, has emerged as the second Stone in demand so far. A brown Stone with interesting patterns in different shades of brown, sounds pretty humble but works very well. My Vendor once described the Stone to me like this: It’s mud stuffed with branches, leaves, little creatures and other organic debris turned into Stone. It polishes into a beautiful varied brown Stone that seems to go with everything one likes to wear.

Also always in fashion are black Stones and Black Jade is our Stone of choice here. It’s a hard Stone that polishes up into a beautiful black color.

We have inlayed all kinds of different Stones and still do as a Special Order. You can go to BELTBUCKLESBYHORST.COM the Stone Buckle page for Stone Inlay pictures. We stock complete Sets only and will not break those apart, as a result any 3pc. Set, 2pc. Set or single Buckle will have to be produced and require a little more time.