3/4" Buckle Sets

Back in the 1980’s ¾” Buckle Sets were still the most common Buckle size around and only with the beginning of the 1990s did ¾” Buckles give up their lead to 1” Buckles. Today you are hard pressed to even find a ¾” Buckle or Belt. We used to offer a line of ¾” Buckles but on this page we only offer the 4 that we have in stock and I don’t truly anticipate making any more. However, If a ¾” Buckle Set is the only thing that will do and our choices on this page simply don’t satisfy , you can go to BELTBUCKLESBYHORST.COM to the ¾” PAGE and if you find something you like, we can produce it for you as a Special Order.

We don’t stock any ¾” belts but we would be happy to make one for you. ¾” Buckles are usually worn on a ¾” tapered to 1 ¼” Belt and we will charge the same as for a 1” tapered Belt. If you add a 3/4" buckle set to your shopping cart, you'll be directed to the 1" belts from which we can make your 3/4" version.