All Buckle Sets

This page shows all of our Buckles in numerical order, which mostly also represents the chronological order in which these buckles were designed. There are holes in this numerical order ( I started it at #101 ) which either represents a custom production or a design that I decided to discontinue or something that has not been introduced yet. There is a little bit of a system behind it. For example all Buckles in the 400 numbers are Textured Buckles, all 800 and 900 numbers are Engraved Buckles. If there is a 1000 before the number the Buckle has a Stone inlayed and a 2000 before number indicates that a domed Stone is used, finally a 5000 number tells you that at least 1 faceted Stone in set in this Buckle. Any of these numbers could have a letter G behind it and that indicates that Gold has been used in this Buckle. Truly the chronological order is only in the last 2 digits of the number and that has turned over once since we have more than 99 designs.